Rekond & car care

Reconditioning the car, better known as car reconditioning, means restoring the car’s paintwork, interior and details to as close a new condition as possible.

There are many small steps that are included in rekond and that ultimately contribute to your car as a whole getting a proper lift.

As a customer, you choose whether you want to make a complete or only reconditioned parts, specific areas on the car.

Our range of rekond services also includes lacquer preservation as well as impregnation and protection of seats, fabric and vinyl & plastic.

With regular car records, you not only increase driving pleasure and ownership, you also increase the life of your car. Dirt and scratches on the car that cause long-term damage and lead to expensive maintenance costs are kept at a distance. Thanks to the fact that dirt and scratches are kept at a distance, you not only avoid damage to paint and surface layers, you also guarantee minor damage to the engine and interior and avoid expensive maintenance costs in the long run.